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Cybersoft's integrated Primero software suite provides a complete Food Service solution for K-12 school systems.

Cybersoft provides customized software solutions, expertise, and people to help our clients optimize their investment in technology. Our team of experienced software professionals can compliment your technology initiatives or lead in-house software projects.

The Mission and Vision of Cybersoft Technologies

Cybersoft's mission is to leverage the power of proven technology to solve district problems and offer strategic business alternatives to increase efficiency and performance. Our objective is to be the premier provider of consulting services, custom software solutions, and in-house product development to meet K-12 technology needs. At Cybersoft, our aim is to apply our experience and industry leadership to surpass our clients' expectations and deliver high-value benefits.

Cybersoft's vision is to provide a one-stop solution for all school Food Service technology needs by implementing an integrated suite of products for district operational departments.

Cybersoft prides itself on serving its customers with innovative solutions to solve their operational problems. Innovation is fueled by a robust in-house R&D effort that is on-going. The slogan, "CYBERSOFT makes IT easy" permeates all we do as we go about applying technological advances to improve the lives of our customers. From training, to service, to rolling out new, exciting product features, we do everything we can to make it simple to do business with us and to use our products for maximum benefit to improve district operations.

As a partner, Cybersoft measures its success based on customer success.
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