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Cybersoft's mission is to leverage the power of proven technology to solve district problems and offer strategic business alternatives to increase efficiency and performance. Our objective is to be the premier provider of consulting services, custom software solutions, and in-house product development to meet K-12 technology needs. At Cybersoft, our aim is to apply our experience and industry leadership to surpass our clients' expectations and deliver high-value benefits.
PrimeroEdge Software Suite

Cybersoft's vision is to provide a one-stop solution for all school Food Service technology needs by implementing an integrated suite of products for district operational departments.

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Cybersoft ParentOnline provides your food service operation additional tools to increase revenue. Prepaid accounts result in faster serving lines and increased participation by students in your meal program.

ITAS Online

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Yotta Real

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The Cybersoft Advantage
Cybersoft differentiates its Primero solution by offering a comprehensive, fully integrated, real-time solution while other vendors specialize in only one or two software modules or restrict hardware choices by utilizing proprietary solutions. As your partner, Cybersoft's single, integrated solution will handle all of your Food Service Department operational needs. Key aspects of the Cybersoft Advantage include:
Effective Products
Cybersoft offers school districts a unique combination of innovative design built on the latest, proven technology, SIF standards and real time communication to ensure that students continue to be served, with high accountability, even when the network goes down. Cybersoft's intelligent design offers users the ability to reach any product feature from a single screen. Intuitive screen layouts simplify the training of staff.
Responsive Service

Speed and system availability are keys to driving increased student participation. Cybersoft's rapid response helpdesk quickly handles customer needs. Customization capabilities are built into Primero and give Food Service Directors full administrative control to grant task assignments by individual or job type or to create specialized reports "on-the-fly". With Primero, your operation is always audit-ready. To facilitate on-going compliance with new government rules, Primero's "one-click" USDA guideline updates are available directly from Cybersoft's website.

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