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Steve Stracke | GM
HISD / Aramark Food Service
"ARAMARK would like to thank Cybersoft Technologies, Inc., for its successful completion and implementation of the Houston Independent School District Food Services Internet and Intranet Websites..."
Thomas V. Jacob | VP
Cybercom Resources, Inc.
"... our association with Cybersoft Technologies has been on Projects and Resources, with them having provided us and our clients with highly cost effective solutions and having supported us with resources for complex projects and skills..."
Rolita S. Chan | VP
CNC Investments
"... Our level of efficiency and accuracy has shown significant improvement and yielded substantial time savings. It is comforting to have a knowledgeable group of people available who can show us the best ways to utilize our software and computers, thereby making our operations more efficient."
Leonard Sturm | Consultant
HISD / Business Development
"We can truly say that it has been a pleasure to work with the staff of Cybersoft Technologies. From the beginning, the Cybersoft staff dedicated time to acquainting themselves with all aspects of our marketing environment, offering creative input, and providing technical expertise..."
Prasad Mandava | CEO
"I would like to express my thanks to ... the team at Cybersoft for the 110% effort that you have put forth to help my company. I am very pleased with the way that you took the initiative and led the effort to consult with our development and management teams and recommend ways to increase our market penetration..."

At Cybersoft, we help our clients develop and implement IT strategies to achieve superior performance and long-term success. We aren't confined by traditional uses of technology. Because our people are experienced and bring a diverse range of skills and expertise, our services are designed to help clients leverage the immense capability of technology to meet specific business objectives. We understand business process and strategy as well as technology. We start by maximizing investments in existing systems and applications, and ensuring that ongoing investments are targeted for maximum operational impact and outstanding returns.

IT Strategy Services
Cybersoft has deep insight into how successful companies use IT to improve all aspects of operations and derive lasting bottom-line benefits. Because we work closely with you, our IT business strategies are tailored to your company, your industry and your brand. Our Services include defining the business case for applying enterprise-wide IT business strategies; review business, application and data architectures, focusing on the capabilities necessary to address key business issues, devising detailed implementation plans for technical architecture, operational processes and logistical changes to support business strategies and assessment of organizational staffing, resources and ability to effectively manage IT across the enterprise; decision support on IT investments, outsourcing, best-practice options and other mission-critical questions.

Staff Augmentation Services
Cybersoft's deep industry knowledge and talent-pool enables our clients to benefit by proactively managing their technology resources. We deliver skilled people-resources promptly and cost-effectively. Our team of technology professionals can support your requirements in the area of project management, web services, system architecture and analysis, database design & management, software development, and technical support.

Cybersoft can assist with IT staffing needs in the following areas: staff augmentation, direct-hire employee placement, and contract to hire staffing. Cybersoft has extensive experience providing consultants including Project Mangers, Systems Architects, Programmer/Analysts, Business Analysts, Database Designers, Developers, Database Administrators as well as Testers, and Technical Support personnel with client-teams nationwide.

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Application Development
This includes Turnkey client server application development and enhancements to legacy applications. Custom software development continues to be the largest software engineering activity across enterprises. Client drivers for custom-built solutions are based on innovative use of technology to source competitive advantage and differentiate themselves, or broad gaps between out-of-the-box functionality in packaged solutions and specific client requirements.

Customization and Migration
Cybersoft has a strong record of success in custom-built solutions, where we have seen the emphasis change from native technology and programming concepts to pre-defined frameworks and software infrastructure products. Through this evolution, we have perfected our processes for managed requirements analysis and design, which continues to be the key success driver for these engagements. We emphasize on version upgrade services, data migration, re-engineering, functionality upgrades and porting services.

Application Maintenance
We offer our clients, 24x7 application sustenance and enhancements. We have over 7 years of experience in remote maintenance Client/Server applications. Our expertise covers a wide range of applications, which are remotely maintained at our offsite facilities as well as through our Offshore Development Centers in India.

In Client/Server Technology services we deal with the following Tools & Technologies:

  • 4GL Languages: PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, Visual Age, Uniface, Gupta SQL
  • Other Languages: C, C++,VC++, Java, J++, XML, C#, .Net, PERL, Shell
  • Tools: Crystal Reports, Erwin, S-Designer, PVCS, SQA Robot
  • Distributed Components: COM, DCOM, CORBA, RMI, EJB, DOM
  • Transactions: MTS, Tuxedo, Web logic, Web Sphere
  • Data Access: Sybase , MSSQL, MS Access, Oracle , UDB, DB2, Informix
  • Methodologies: OOAD, UML, OMT, RAD
  • Tools: Testing, Design, Validations, Load
  • Operating System: UNIX, Windows

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